JUST Listening fosters personal, organizational, and social change and transformation through the practice of conscious, intentional, compassionate, non-egoic and non-judgmental communication skills.

JUST Listening is premised upon the beliefs that:

  • Being heard empowers the speaker
  • People hold the solutions to their own problems within
  • Skilled listening is creative, opening up new possibilities for all involved, and can be a powerful tool for personal and social change.
  • Although rarely consulted or listened to, people on the social margins are the best source of information and ideas about the issues facing them.
  • Skilled listening is possible only when one is actively cultivating self-awareness and regular habits of reflection.

JUST Listening provides a range of training, workshops, and services designed to encourage and facilitate the acquisition of the skills required to accomplish these goals. Individual and group coaching and facilitation is available for those seeking to improve work environments and effectiveness through enhanced, whole-hearted communication.

JUST Listening workshops are customized for each individual or organization, and are designed to provide participants at all competency levels with leadership tools, communication skills, and work attitudes and behaviors that result in personal, organizational, and social change and transformation.

Income generated by these workshops is used to fund several volunteer programs providing Listening services to people who are poor and marginalized.

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Watch five free, short videos with tips on how to “JUST Listen”!

Help support the development of JUST Listening Prison and Volunteer Projects that bring the practice of deep, relationship-based listening into prison and marginalized communities for personal and social transformation.

Listening is an act of Justice.

One definition of justice is ‘right relationship’. The work of JUST Listening is to foster ‘right relationships’ for individual empowerment, workplace cohesion and effectiveness, inspired leadership, and ultimately, the Common Good.