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Being heard is so close to being loved that, for the average person, they are almost indistinguishable
-David Augsburger

Listening Services

Our listeners practice  deep, relationship based, non-egoic listening for transformation, incorporating mindfulness, cultural humility, trauma informed practices, and strategic questioning to support others in revealing the answers they hold within themselves.

Providing listening services for staff of public benefit organizations such as social services, healthcare organizations & education lays the groundwork for establishing a culture of wellbeing

Providing services rooted in caring for others requires emotional labor and can result in stress that escalates to compassion fatigue and burnout. JUST Listeners provide safe spaces for caretaking professionals to honor the emotional labor that their jobs require and process the emotional aspects of their work.

1:1 Listening

JUST Listeners provide one-to-one listening sessions with individuals, employing
non-egoic listening and strategic questioning techniques that invite and elicit reflection, creative thinking and problem solving to achieve deep levels of understanding and healing

Listening Circles

Trained listeners facilitate small groups of either staff or recipients of an organization’s services, providing an opportunity to speak and process specific issues in a safe and trusted environment.

Help support the development of JUST Listening programming and volunteer projects that bring the practice of deep, relationship-based listening into prison and marginalized communities for personal and social transformation.