On Listening

“The Gift of Listening: JUST Listening Strategies,”  (co-author Roberta Waite,  EdD, APRN, CNS-BC), Nursing Forum, Volume 45, Issue 3, July/September 2010, pp. 150-158 Abstract

“JUST Listening,” Gift of Grace, Volume 16, No.1,  Spring 2009, p 1-2.

The World Is Wept: JUST Listening in Israel and Palestine, CPF Newsletter, February 2010

Pro Bono and Access To Justice

“An Open Letter To The Philadelphia Bar,” The Legal Intelligencer, NLP IP Company, Tuesday, September 28, 2004 .

“Appearing Pro Se in Family Court: An Unfair Game,” The Legal Intelligencer,Tuesday, November 28, 2006 , NLP IP Company

“Awakening The Heart of Justice: The Next Pro Bono Challenge,” Management Information Exchange Journal, Spring 2005, 32-35

“Let’s Guarantee Justice For Everyone” Philadelphia Bar Reporter, Vol. 34, No. 12, December 2005, 17.

“ The “Undeserving” Poor,” Philadelphia Bar Reporter, Vol. 34, No. 10, October 2005, 19.

Work/Life Balance

“Carpe Momentum”, Management Information Exchange Journal, Summer 2008, 9-11

Reflective Articles

“Waking up In The Dark,” CPF Newsletter, December 2011

“By Littler and By Littler,” CPF Newsletter, August, 2008

“Dark,” CPF Newsletter, December, 2007

“The Blessings of Goutweed: A Seasonal Reflection,” CPF Newsletter,  June 2007.

“Hidden Heroes”, CPF  Newsletter, November, 2006.

“Hope in the Dark,” CPF  Newsletter, April. 2006.

“Of Love and Grief”, Written  four weeks after 9-11.  Shiprah’s Story: The Newsletter of the Germantown Catholic Worker, Volume III, No. 2,  Fall 2001

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