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[Generative] listening requires us to access our open heart and open will-our capacity to connect to the highest future possibility that wants to emerge.
-Otto Scharmer

Organizational Transformation

Effective communication results in: creative problem solving, efficient meetings, effective collaborations and partnerships, staff cohesion and productivity, and healthy workplace environments.

Healthy organizations have collaborative, inclusive, and equitable structures that place a focus on well-being for all, both personally and organizationally. There is clear evidence that supporting the inner well-being of change makers is not only essential for their health, but it also boosts organizational capacity for innovation and collaboration, ultimately leading to more imaginative, creative, and effective solutions to social and environmental challenges.

JUST Listening works with organizations to assess staff wellbeing-identifying key strengths within your culture and opportunities for improvement. We support leaders in the development and implementation of strategic plans to build positive organizational culture. We work with leaders to build capacity and set structures in place to sustain a JUST Listening culture over time.

Organizational Transformation Action Plans may include:

JUST Listening Basic Training for Staff: Train your team on JUST listening principles and introduce tools to improve communication

JUST Listening Skills Development sessions: Highly-interactive and enjoyable 1.5 -2 hour continuing education sessions for staff to diversify and deepen their skills, support each other, and promote staff cohesion.

Consistent & Effective Evaluation of Staff Satisfaction & Wellbeing: Utilizing evidence-based research methods, the JUST Listening Team works with staff to collect relevant data in order to identify opportunities, assess impact and provide guidance for further programming.

Leadership Coaching: Focused support for leaders looking to incorporate JUST listening techniques into the management of their teams

Train the Trainer Certifications for Leaders: Training Certification offered for those interested in recruiting, training, and supervising listeners, either staff or volunteer, to support organizational goals.

Establish Peer Supervision Groups: Small groups gather regularly to explore listener’s experiences of intentional listening with the goal of becoming better listeners.

JUST Listening Internal Communications Tools: Effectively use internal communication platforms such as apps, e-blasts,etc. Options include monthly skills-refresher emails/texts and bi-weekly Listening Tips and Thoughts: practical and motivational suggestions and insights designed to promote the deepening of skills, awareness, and practice.

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