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My improved listening has allowed others to be more open, more honest, and more expressive with me, resulting in better relationships. Every conversation is an opportunity for growth.
-JL Listener

JUST Listening trainings & workshops help participants identify core personal and social impediments to listening, teach essential listening and speaking skills, and provide an opportunity to practice new, compassionate, ego-less communication techniques.

Many personal and professional interactions are impaired, ineffective and sometimes become toxic because we are unable to listen to each other and communicate effectively.

Effective communication results in: Healthy, trusting relationships, creative problem solving, efficient meetings, effective collaborations and partnerships, staff cohesion and productivity, and life-giving workplace environments.

JUST Listening Basics

Listening with Ourselves

Effective listening begins with first listening to ourselves, understanding the barriers that get in the way of true connection and empathy for other humans humans

Listening with Others

Learn tools and techniques for supporting others in surfacing the wisdom that they hold within themselves. Acquiring an understanding of and ability to engage in true dialogue. specific issues in a safe and trusted environment.

JUST Listening Beyond the Basics: Specialized Training

Listening in Difficult Conversations: Techniques for peaceful dialogue in professional settings.

Listening with People on the Social Margins: Acknowledging the inherent dignity, wisdom, and personal power of every person.

JUST Listening for Social Service Providers, Health Care Workers and Educators: Other-centered, ego-less listening in service contexts and environments

Listening Amidst Suffering: For those who support others experiencing hardship or trauma

JUST Listening for Leaders: How to build a compassionate, collaborative and self-actualizing work environment


JUST Listening offers our trainings on a wide sliding scale that ranges from $25-$90 per person. Discounted rates are available for groups upon request.

Our sliding scale is an intentional effort to distribute resources equitably, regardless of annual budget and income level. We aim to support and strengthen individuals and groups doing social benefit and strategic movement-building work. Paying at the higher end of the scale the Redistribution rate makes it possible for JUST Listening to work with individual and organizations with limited budgets at little to no cost to them and supports volunteer programming for individuals experiencing deep poverty and/or incarceration.

*We are grateful to AORTA anti-oppression resource and training alliance for allowing us to borrow their sliding scale model.

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    Help support the development of JUST Listening programming and volunteer projects that bring the practice of deep, relationship-based listening into prison and marginalized communities for personal and social transformation.