The Prison Project

prison-heartIn January 2017, 50 men participated in an all-day JUST Listening Training at Graterford State Correctional Institution about an hour outside of Philadelphia. Thirty seven of those individuals continued in an ongoing mentoring and peer supervision period of training and became Certified Listeners in August 2017. Twenty four of these listeners are now enrolled in a Train the Trainers program, to continue throughout 2018. They anticipate training the next Listening cohort in January 2019 and thereafter.

The project was developed at the request of the Lifers, Inc. organization at the prison following a JUST Listening training there. In order to address the specific needs and realities of Listening in a maximum security prison, the entire curriculum and ongoing training process has been customized collaboratively with a focus group of men at Graterford as well as with monthly feedback from those engaged in the process.

A Listening library of twenty five volumes has been assembled in the prison library to provide relevant resources to support the men in this exciting and transformative work. Check back to this website for periodic updates.