Training and Workshops

JUST Listening offers a range of training, workshops, and other services designed to provide participants with leadership tools, communication skills,  and work attitudes and behaviors that result in personal, organizational, and social change and transformation.



How can our collaborative activities yield dynamic results? What would our personal lives, workplaces,  and social institutions look like if we listened deeply, profoundly, and without ego to each other’s ideas, insights, experiences, and longings? Effective communication results in:  creative problem solving,  efficient meetings, effective collaborations and partnerships,  staff cohesion and productivity, and healthy workplace environments.

One definition of justice is ‘right relationship’. The work of JUST Listening is to foster ‘right relationships’ for individual empowerment, workplace cohesion and effectiveness, inspired leadership, and ultimately, the Common Good.




Workshops are customized, and can range from a program of several hours duration to an entire weekend retreat. In an interactive and energizing format, participants have an opportunity to explore various creative communication techniques, learn and practice new skills, and personally experience ego-less, deep, compassionate listening. Applications for specific work and project environments are incorporated into the training.