JUST Listening – Phoenixville, PA

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Phoenixville, Pennsylvania, a suburb of Philadelphia, is home to a large, diverse population, including many who are poor, homeless, and aging. St. Peter’s Episcopal Church, located in  Phoenixville, has a long history of service and care of the local population, and they provide a safe gathering place for those who have nowhere else to go. In addition to a food pantry, meals are served regularly throughout the month, and lunch is provided every day during the week for anyone who comes through the door, routinely serving between twenty and fifty people daily.


St. Peter’s has become the newest site for a listening program. First conceived by Listener Kathy Flaherty and led by Catherine Mannion and Tricia Way, a group of trained volunteers come to St. Peter’s to share a meal and to listen. It is hoped that the program will continue to grow so that there are listeners at the site each day during the week. Those served by this program have formed a community of sorts and have enthusiastically welcomed the listeners. All have stories to tell and concerns to express; everyone involved is enriched by this program.The program is growing: a training workshop is being planned and will include those who serve the meals as well as those who wish to listen.

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If you are interested in supporting this program as a listener, please contact Catherine Mannion at cathmannion@gmail.com.