Volunteer Projects

Help support the development of JUST Listening Prison and Volunteer Projects that bring the practice of deep, relationship-based listening into prison and marginalized communities for personal and social transformation.

The Prison Project

Developed at the request of the Lifers, Inc. organization at Graterford State Correctional Institution, 50 men participated in an all-day JUST Listening Training in January 2017.
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The Kensington Listeners

Since 2008, volunteer trained JUST Listeners provide willing ears to anyone wanting to be heard in the area of Kensington Avenue and Hagert Streets in the distressed Philadelphia neighborhood of Kensington.
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JUST Listening- Phoenixville, Pennsylvania

The newest site for a JUST Listening program, St. Peter’s Episcopal Church, located in Phoenixville has a long history of service and care of the local population, proving a safe gathering place for those who have nowhere else to go.
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