Energizing Change Workshops


Restorative Programs for Weary Workers

Workshops, Retreats,  and Training Tailored to your specific needs.

What are Energizing Change Workshops and Staff Retreats?

The work of providing services to people on the social margins can be frustrating and exhausting.  Whether in the field of social services, health care, or education, burnout is a real risk even for the most dedicated individuals.  JUST Listening Energizing Change Workshops are designed to help participants identify the causes of burnout and compassion fatigue, explore their own stresses, and acquire skills and perspectives to stay balanced, energized, and creative.

Workshops can also  explore methods for creating and sustaining passion for your mission, so that together you can continue to do the vital work you do with commitment and enthusiasm.

Workshops are customized, and can range from a program of several hours duration to an entire weekend retreat. In an interactive and energizing format, participants have an opportunity to rejuvenate, communicate informally with colleagues about issues of mutual importance, and acquire information and skills needed to sustain balanced, productive, and dedicated lives.

Workshops can also be designed to incorporate other JUST Listening program offerings, such as:

  • Creative Listening: To Ourselves and Others:  Improve staff personal and professional communication skills
  • Effective Communication Across Differences:  Empowerment tools for personal and social change.
  • Listening in Difficult Conversations: Techniques for peaceful dialogue
  • Animating Change: Practices for Managers and Supervisors. How to enliven and empower your staff.