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JUST Listening Basics Part One: Listening With Ourselves

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Listening is fundamental to our ability to understand ourselves, each other, and the world around us. Many of our personal and professional interactions result in misunderstandings because we lack awareness of the filters that get in the way of our ability to truly listen to each other and key factors that affect how we perceive and interpret what we hear.

JUST Listening begins by looking inward to identify thoughts, behaviors, and cultural biases that might get in the way of good listening. Once we become conscious of ourselves and potential biases, we can take stock of what is happening internally and use that information to make deliberate choices about how to respond to situations, rather than react automatically. We note what emerges within and between us as we listen and then we are able to reply thoughtfully and appropriately, selecting from a range of healthy, compassionate, and loving responses.

JUST Listening Basics is a two-part online workshop.

Part One will explore Listening to Ourselves.

  • Learn about common challenges to listening and receive guidance on how to identify your own
  • Explore how socio-cultural factors influence the ways that we see the world and impede our ability to understand another person’s or group’s perspective
  • Discover how our unexplored, unhealthy ego distorts what we hear and limits our understanding
  • Practice becoming aware of our internal goings-on: the steady stream of thoughts, emotions, insights, physical sensations, and (with practice) the wisdom that resides within them
  • Build skills to help you identify challenges to listening as they arise and make intentional choices about how to respond in the moment

In JUST Listening Basics Part Two (register here), we learn tools and techniques for responding appropriately and for supporting others in surfacing the experiences and wisdom that they hold within themselves. We explore how to ask evocative, non-ego driven questions, and acquire insight into and skills for engaging in true dialogue.

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10-17-2023 10:00 AM (EDT) to
10-17-2023 12:00 PM (EDT)

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