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The Little Book of Listening: Listening as a Radical Act of Love, Justice, Healing and Transformation

Launching on December 10, 2023 Sign up to Be Notified When Published https://www.skyhorsepublishing.com/9781680998986/little-book-of-listening/ The Little...

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All Our Griefs: What Do We Do Now?

First of all, I want to preface what follows with a declaration of hopefulness: despite...

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Strategies and Tips for Incarcerated Persons

We are honored, privileged and very excited to have the opportunity to present the following...

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[Generative listening] requires us to access our open heart and open will — our capacity to connect to the highest future possibility that wants to emerge.
-Otto Scharmer

Help support the development of JUST Listening programming and volunteer projects that bring the practice of deep, relationship-based listening into prison and marginalized communities for personal and social transformation.