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Unconscious Manifestations of Ego

The Little Book of Listening: Listening as a Radical Act of Love, Justice, Healing and Transformation

Order your copy now! → The Little Book of Listening: Listening as a Radical Act...

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What’s Going On In Your Head?

Socio-cultural Rules and Norms

Strategic Questioning: Asking The Best Question

Perspectives: Sharon Browning

CCPTV 53, September 29, 2014

Stories from the Green Line

In March 2008, a group of mediators traveled to Israel and the West Bank to hear from the people involved in one of the most intractable conflicts in the world. They listened to religious Jews, secular Jews, Muslims and Christians speak about the Arab-Israeli conflict: how it impacts their lives, their hopes, dreams and prayers for peace. Forty hours of footage has been edited to 50 of the most powerful minutes of the journey.

Dissolving the Taproot of Violence: JUST Listening

by Fred Magondu and Sharon Browning Fred Magondu and Sharon Browning are listeners and facilitators...

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Tenderness: A Spiritual Practice for Activists

By Sharon Browning Early in the morning on the day Derek Chauvin was convicted of...

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